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5 min readOct 17, 2022

Congratulations to the winners of the Indo-Pacific Alumni TIES small grant competition! The grantees’ community projects focus on topics discussed during the May 2022 Alumni TIES seminar on “Public Health and Climate Crisis in the Indo-Pacific.”

Raising Health Care Workers Voices on Climate Change and Health seeks to promote awareness about climate change’s effect on public health in Cambodia by engaging and raising the voices of young healthcare professionals. The project team intends to explore the perception and assess the knowledge of young healthcare and environmental professionals on the connections between climate change and public health through a workshop model and a 99-day campaign. This campaign will showcase the connections made through engaging visuals on social media. Project Leader: Sophanith Ung, Cambodia, International Visitor Leadership Program, 2019

From Bangkok to Fiji — Translating Global Partnerships on a One Health Approach to Action on the Ground aims to contribute to poverty alleviation, ending hunger, and improving resilience to climate change in the degraded and fragile ecosystem of Ovalau, using the “one health” approach. To achieve this, the project team will work with three high schools to enhance the resilience of students and the schools on Ovalau Island through information exchange and sustainable agricultural practices for better health and a healthier environment. Maika Daveta, Fiji, International Visitor Leadership Program, 2021

Mama4Planet seeks to reduce household food waste and loss by 10% by the end of January 2023 through women’s empowerment in Sardonoharjo Village, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. The program will (1) build partnerships with local stakeholders in waste management in Sardonoharjo Village in the first month; (2) build capacities of 20 local female community health volunteers or “cadres” in basic food waste and loss reduction and waste segregation through training of trainers to instigate waste management behavioral changes among mothers and children in Sardonoharjo Village within the first 3 months; (3) conduct at least three cadre-led education sessions on household food waste and loss awareness for mothers and their children in Sardonoharjo Village integrated with the local Puskesmas and Posyandu by December 2022; and (4) raise awareness of food waste and loss issues among 94 mothers and their children through locally adapted educational tools and gamification activities by January 2023. Project Leader: Davrina Rianda, Indonesia, YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy, 2021

Accelerate the Climate and Public Health Actions in Indo-Pacific Webinar aims to share knowledge and experience on the climate crisis and public health to raise awareness and strengthen the resiliency of the people. The project team will conduct four webinars and two training sessions to help bring greater visibility to the topic of the seminar. The four webinars will be on “Strengthening Public Health Resiliency and Preparedness against Climate Impacts,” “Actions towards a Circular Economy and Climate Resilient Society,” “Renewable Energy and Urban Planning Towards Climate Neutrality,” and “Technology and Social Impact: How to Design for Development, Health, Governance, and Sustainability.” One of the webinars will be hybrid and the in-person sessions of the seminar will take place in Tokyo. The training session will concentrate on the climate impact on public health and improving disaster preparedness. At the conclusion of the webinar and sessions, the webinars and trainings will be posted online for further outreach. Project Leader: Madoka Yoshino, Japan, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, 2007–2009

Planetary Health for All: Empowering Singaporean Youth to Build a Better Planet is working to empower Singapore pre-university youth in polytechnics, junior colleges, and institutes of technical education in Singapore to gain insights on planetary health, connect the dots between environmental protection and human health, understand implications of planetary health issues, and develop solution-based approaches to combat these challenges. The project will (1) allow Singaporean youth to gain exposure to planetary health at an early age; (2) help Singaporean youth understand the implications of planetary health in the Singapore context; (3) provide a platform for Singaporean youth to develop solutions to planetary health issues through design thinking and innovation; (4) encourage Singaporean youth to develop early interest in collaborative efforts to promote planetary health; (5) promote knowledge exchange and advocacy on planetary health among Singaporean youth through their youth organizations; and (6) develop an appreciation of nature, its landscapes and resources through physical expeditions such as a “walk shop” and other hands-on approaches. This project will benefit approximately 45 youth in Singapore. Project Leader: Alvona Zi Hui Loh, Singapore, YSEALI Professional Fellows Program, 2020

UEngage.ASEAN aims to empower youth in Chaing Mai, Thailand by providing educational tools, such as R3 board games, R3 concept workshops, and opportunities for community outreach. The project team will conduct a survey to assess the needs and levels of knowledge of Chiang Mai university students. The survey responses will be used to tailor the program itinerary. The team will then develop board games made of recycled plastic waste. The game utilizes images, e.g., drawings/art without words. The university students will receive written instructions, oral explanation, and demonstration by team members. The university students will then share the game and instructions with rural children. The themes of the game include waste management, the effects of littering, and climate change. Project Leader: Bunthicha Larlarb, Thailand, Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, 2020

Carson Refining Our Own Tools for Sustainability (CarsonROOTS) contributes to the effort of developing grassroots climate advocacy among youth in Carson, California, mentoring youth in becoming sustainable leaders at their high schools, and offering a meaningful service-learning opportunity for those committed to the public health and health equity in their community. The Carson ROOTS team members and experts will work to educate 20 high school students about climate change, environmental injustice, and environmental racism. The program will also foster critical dialogues on how these concepts apply to their own community. Project Leader: Brandon Denina Pundamiera, United States, Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program, 2019

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